Norwegian Waffles at the Pheasant

SATURDAY    9:00 AM – Noon
SUNDAY    10:00 AM – 2:00 PM

Reservations are welcome – call 605-692-4723 or e-mail

Soft, chewy, and crêpe-like, Norwegian waffles, or “vafler,” are made with wholesome ingredients, a whisper of cardamom, and no leavening other than farm-fresh eggs. Nordic varieties of waffles are traditionally heart shaped because they are made with love and enjoyed in the joyful spirit of “kos”, a way of life. Norwegian kos cuisine is heart-warming food that perfectly satisfies the appetite, cozies the soul, and encourages fork-in-hand lingering around the table, either with people you appreciate or in content solitude with some good reading. While Scandinavians typically have a vaffel for lunch, dinner, or with their sacred midday coffee, the American inclination to also eat them for breakfast is understandable, maybe even genius, especially if an amazing cup of Joe is involved. Enjoy our South Dakota spin on Norwegian waffles. Vær så god!

Brunch Cocktail Features:

Elderflower Mimosa- Sparkling white wine, elderflower liqueur, OJ. 6
Café Anisette- Black coffee with anise liqueur. 7
Bloody Viking- Housemade bloody Mary mix, Syvä Nordic rye vodka, olives, pickle. 9
Erik the Ginger- Ålander Nordic-spiced rum, ginger ale. 6
Brunch Brew- Light lager, Amaretto. OJ 5
Brass Monkey- Wheat beer, OJ, bitters. 5
Or, share a bottle from our retail wine cellar for a small corkage fee. Take home what you don’t finish!