Somebody’s up to his eyeballs in artisan ice cream. He’s created a monster!


Our ice cream is made from scratch in our tiny kitchen the old fashioned way. It begins on the stove as a creamy custard made of fresh and simple ingredients. Once infused with classic or innovative flavors, the custard is chilled and rested so the flavors can fully marry. Then, it’s watchfully churned in small batches free of  any pumped air, or “overrun.” A sub-zero final freeze ensures a smooth, creamy texture. What ends up on your spoon is a dense and decadent old world style ice cream, by far the world’s most beloved comfort food.

We occasionally feature an all-fruit sorbet or lactose-free ice cream using naturally dairy-free ingredients such as coconut milk. Enjoy Trevor’s artfully handcrafted, authentically super-premium ice cream.

• Dulce de Leche • Dark Chocolate-Chipotle  • Firecracker • Candied Bacon • Strawberry-Sage • Blueberry-Basil • Irish Coffee • Spiced Pear • Double Chocolate • Vanilla-Honey • Spiced Chai • Burnt Orange • Guinness • Chocolate Malt • Peanut Butter-Banana • Sambuca • Champagne • Vanilla-Rose • Maple-Walnut • Avocado-Lime • Green Tea • Chocolate-Lavender • Lemon-Basil • Mint-Lime • Peanut Butter-Chocolate • Candy Cane • Earl Grey Tea • Mocha • Fresh Plum • S’mores • Bananas Foster • Coconut Rum • Swedish Lingonberry • Ginger • Strawberry-Balsamic • Cappuccino • Mango-Coconut •  Spiced Red Wine Sorbet • Cherrybean Coffee • Gingerbread • Piña Colada • Silk Road • Key Lime • Cinnamon Toast • Butter Double Scotch • Pear-Mango Sorbet • Cookies & Cream • Fresh Mint Leaf • Caramel Apple • Chocolate Orange • Sweet Corn • PB & J • Inside-out Root Beer Float • Butter Toffee Crunch • Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough • Margarita •  Watermelon-Basil Sorbet • Goat Cheese & Honey • Madagascan Vanilla Bean • Mocha-Dusted Caramel • Chinese Oolong • African Red Rooibos • 18-Year Balsamic • Cherry Nut Manhattan • Peach Riesling Sorbet • Sangria Sorbet •

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